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Monday, February 1, 2010

Cross-Quarter Days

Happy Ground Hog Day ..with an
"astronomy-geography" connection!!!
Did you know that Ground Hog Day
is a cross-quarter day?
For more information about astronomy and Cross-Quarter Days, see:
A cross-quarter day is a day falling approximately halfway between a solstice and an equinox. These days originated as pagan holidays in Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom and Ireland, and survive in modern times as neopagan holidays.
The Cross-Quarter Days:
1 November
2 February
1 May )
1 August
"There are Christian and secular holidays that correspond roughly with each of these four, and some argue that historically they originated as adaptations of the pagan holidays, although the matter is not agreed upon. The corresponding holidays are:
St.Brigids Day (1 February), Groundhog Day (2 February), and Candlemas (2 or 15 February)
Walpurgis Night (30 Apr) and May Day (1 May)
Lammas (1 August)
Halloween (31 October), All Saints (1 November), and All Souls' Day (2 November)"
For more Cross-Quarter Day information see:
Cross-Quarter Day lesson plan:

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  1. Wow, something new to be learned all the time...I had no idea.