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Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Olympic Medal Tracker

Lots of opportunities to teach geography during the Winter Olympics!!
Start by downloading this free widget from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics site:
Give each student a large black-line world map to use during the Olympics...students can begin by identifying on the world map the countries participating in the Winter Olympics..then marking tally marks on countries winning medals.

The official Vancouver Winter Olympics has a interactive online world map showing all of the participating countries that will show an ongoing tally of medals for each country....THANK YOU VANCOUVER WINTER OLYMPICS FOR ADDING A GEOGRAPHY COMPONENT TO YOUR OLYMPICS!!!

Another idea that I have used with my students in the past:
Record,download,watch online from the websites, the opening ceremony of the Olympics...especially where the teams enter the stadium with their country's flags. Show the recording to students...(you can leave the sound off)..and as each country's flag pass...students identify the flag and identify the country on a black-line map of the world. (Current World Almanacs will help with flag identification).

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