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Friday, February 5, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

To see other interesting sky views:

I found a cool website to help explain the following moon pictures:

*Moon halo?

*Moon dog?


*ring around the Moon?

*Moon corona?

What ever you wish to call this pretty moon site..took me quite awhile and lots of shots to capture these three pictures. Either the clouds covered the moon or the "rainbow colors" were not visible enough. I was excited to get these three!



  1. hese are really cool shots! Your patient efforts were rewarded with great moon shots

  2. it always seems like you that you have to take a lot of shots just to get the few that would work...but thank got its just digital right...nice captures

  3. This really is a cool site. Great shots by the way. You've really capture the beauty of the moon. Click the link if you want to play best online slots.

  4. It is a pretty eye-catching site to view... Happy Skywatching to you too...

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