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Monday, February 8, 2010


"In his last years my father would sit on the porch of his Long Island nursing home looking out on the sea, and between long silences he would speak. “You know, sometimes I see a little dot way out there, and then it gets bigger and finally turns into a ship.” I explained that the earth was a sphere and so forth. In his 80 years he had never had time to sit and watch the sea. He had employed hundreds of people and made tens of thousands of coats and shipped them to towns and cities all over the States, and now at the end he looked out over the sea and said with happy surprise, “Oh. So it’s round!”

Arthur Miller, Timebends

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  1. John Stillgo says when we learn to read we become visually illiterate. When we grow old we begin to see things that we forgot to look for while we were raising families and making a living. I love being able to be visually literate again. Great post.