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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where in the world is Mike Perham?

Have your students read about--and map-- the sailing routes taken by Mike Perham, the youngest person to sail around the world without assistance!!
Read about his sailing adventures on his blog:
Mike's travels and adventures are recorded on his blog...includes video, voice recordings and maps of his routes....

8/27/09 LONDON (AP) - "A 17-year-old British sailor became the youngest person to sail around the world without assistance on Thursday, completing the solo trip in nine months.Mike Perham. (Barry Batchelor / Associated Press)Mike Perham grabbed the solo record after completing the 28,000-mile trip, crossing the finish line in Cornwall, in southern England. He is now sailing to Portsmouth for a celebration on Saturday"

For more details see the above blog or this news link:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monster of the Milky Way, Great PBS program!

PBS sends weekly program e-updates about their cool science programs. This week's MONSTER of the MILKY WAY is about the hunt for the supermassive black hole lurking at the center of our galaxy...GREAT CLASSROOM resources for kids and teachers!!! At the above website for this program you may: watch a preview, watch the whole program online, see podcasts, find additional links and books, a teachers' guide and newsletter.

Friday, August 7, 2009

MSN's BING: Geography based

Wow I've been away for awhile, but need to share a cool, albeit indirect geography site!!

MSN Live Search engine--now renamed and redesigned as BING search engine-- has an incredible geography based website!! Each day the BING website background picture changes. The photos are of beatiful locations/cultures/people/cities all over the world. The great thing is that as you scroll over the background picture, little bits of info about the site pop up with additional links that tell about the city, place, culture, etc!!

This could be used everyday as a geography "class starter" activity to get the kids settled down and focused on your geography subject...You could even use the pop up bit of information as a kind of quiz or subject starter.....ENJOY!!!!!!