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Thursday, January 28, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

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I just stepped out my back door and
saw this pretty view! The snowy peak of
Mt. Timpanogos is poking up from the
hazy valley smog, and the sunset light is tinting
the mountain a pretty pink..paired with a white, pink, white,....nice site!!!

(Mt. Timpanogos is part of the Wasatch Front Mountains in Utah County, Utah, USA)


  1. I love the rising moon on your sunset shot. They truly go well together. It reminds me of looking at Mount Baker which is to the east of us too here in Washington State. Keep on enjoying Nature and its wondrous landscapes.

  2. What a great capture! The light is perfect, shining on the mountain, and the moon makes it even better. We had another foggy day here in Frozevelt. I'm hoping for some SUN one day soon...