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Saturday, December 26, 2009

"SPICE" up your holidays (world spices) RE-POST

WORLD SPICES: For those teachers looking for a fun geography activity to start the new year--"spice" up your curriculum by studying spices from around the world!
I found many really great websites with terrific lesson plans, mapping activities, art activities, research sites, books/texts, games, teacher and student information sites, and webquests all about world spice locations. I also found many websites about how spices effected history, the spice trades, and Christopher Columbus connections.
Assign your students a spice, and fill up your room with "scent-sational" geography reports about where spices come from around the world....
Some of the better sites are listed below with brief descriptions:
(website loaded with links about spice facts, history, geography, suggestions for activities, information for teachers and students!)
(board game involves collecting and trading spices from around the world)
(website for “Spices--a global history” by Fred Czarra.
(spice history essay)
(Xpeditions/National Geographic, K-3 lesson plan, “Spices of the world”)
(Xpeditions/National Geographic, gr 3-5 lesson plan, “Spices in your favorite food”)
Xpeditions/National Geographic, lesson plan, “Spice world”)
(many spice websites, lesson plans, and teacher/student resources)
(essay, how spices effected world history)
(lengthy, but wonderful lesson plans and activities involving the travels and trading of Marco Polo)
(class activity/webquest to research foods and spices of countries)
(multiple lessons with literature connections concerning the spice trade routes)
(webquest/lesson plans for spice and silk routes)
Title: Out of the East: Spices and the Medieval Imagination
Author: Paul Freedman
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780 3001 1199 6
(GREAT lesson plans for beginning of European spice trade routes)
(spice information per continent)

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