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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Wonderful World - Geography Awareness Week

Sharing information from an interesting interactive "Geo-Tours" website linked from website:

My Wonderful World - Geography Awareness Week:
"Get Lost in Mapping: Find Your Place in the World
Google Earth is one of the new technologies that are changing the way people see the world. You may have used Google Earth to get a bird's-eye view of your house, now see what else you can do! This Geography Awareness Week, take geo-tours that will introduce you to fascinating people and places. Read stories from young folks living abroad. Journey to global hot spots where nature and society collide. See how professionals around the planet use geography in their jobs, and discover how you can use Google Earth in your own life!"
"Geo-Tours" is an interactive website using Google Earth , video & map locations , to show interesting information about Asia and other places around the world: topics "mapped' on this site;
1) geography on the job
2) global hotspots / global tours
3) Asia animals
4)Asia food
5)Asia Art
6)Asia Festivals
7) Asia natural wonders

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