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Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm back visiting SkyWatch again...been away for awhile. Winter is slowly imposing itself along the Wasatch Front Mountains in Utah. Ski resorts have already seen several inches of snow on their slopes. Usually, the Wasatch Front mountains get a "dusting of snow mid September followed by a long cool Autumn. This year the moutains didn't get their first "snow dusting" until Oct 1st. Now the day temps. are lower and gardeners/farmers are racing to get in those last crops of apples and winter squash. This picture shows the first snow on Mt. Timanogos, Wasatch Front, Utah County, Utah, USA..These mountains partly form the eastern boundary of Utah county.

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  1. I was surprised by the amount of snow on the mountains when I drove up last Monday. I was afraid we had gone right from the end of summer to winter. I like the varied seasons Mark Eubank mentioned years ago: summer, fummer, fall, finter, winter, sprinter, spring, sprummer.

    I'm hoping for some fall weather now.