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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maps tell many stories (they reveal history)

Occasionally I post older BUT STILL VERY USEABLE AND APPLICABLE geography resources. I hate to see great lessons just disappear into the teaching netherworld, when so many (especially new teachers) are scrambling to find good teaching materials all the time. This post/link/lesson plan is from from National Geography Week 1991 materials Geography: New Worlds to Explore.

In this lesson, students use three historic maps to examine how early European maps reflected the explorations of their day (primarily North American explorations).

LESSON 1 EXPLORING YESTERDAY --Maps Tell More than One Story (They Reveal History). I have scanned the lesson from the original copy that I have to share with you. I give all credit to National Geographic Geography Awareness Week 1991 for the following lesson plan:

(click on the pages to enlarge)

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