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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mapping the World by Heart program by David Smith

Mapping the World by Heart is a fabulous mental mapping program with proven results for your students! I used it for years with my students, and it really did improve their "mental maps" of the world!!

The following is an editorial description of David Smith's award winning program, Mapping the World by Heart:

"Can your students draw detailed maps without an atlas?

They can now! Perform a miracle with Mapping the World by Heart. It's a complete and proven approach to teaching geography. You'll see the most amazing results! Picture your students confidently penciling in the countries of central Africa, the expanse of the Rocky Mountains, and the nations of Southeast Asia. All by heart. As seen on NBC and in Time magazine! The stunning results of David Smith's curriculum were featured on NBC's Today show, in Time magazine, and in newspapers across the country. Now you can get the same results in your classroom!

What's Included

Comprehensive Teacher's Guide, detailed lesson plans, reproducibles, and blank outline maps. Mapping the World by Heart Lite includes master outline maps (one for each of the 9 world regions).

About the Author
David J. Smith has 26 years of experience teaching geography, history, and English in public and private schools. The U.S. Department of Education honored him in 1992 with their "Breaking the Mold" Award for this curriculum, and that, along with feature stories on The Today Show, and in Time Magazine, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, The International Educator, and other media, propelled him out of the classroom and into a full-time consulting practice.

Since 1992, he has given workshops, seminars, and addresses in 30 countries and 38 states, both on "Mapping The World By Heart" curriculum and on geography and geographic literacy generally, focusing on what he refers to as "world-mindedness across the curriculum".



  1. I have seen many reviews that state that there are no/not enough lesson plans. In fact, one mother said it was more of a skeleton that needed to be added to. Has it been redone in recent years? Is it possible they are talking about older versions. I am very interested in the program, but have held back on purchasing because of what other mothers have told me.


  2. I really like this program, but I was using an older edition. I also used a lot of my own materials, simulations, etc to enhance the "basics" activities provided. I used the mapping/art work practices the most. I also collected all the maps during the year into student portfolios--along with a final 'map from memory'..quite an impressive student portfolio project for OB grading and parent review. skp

  3. Maybe I should add ths is a great entry/beginnig program..a great place to get started teaching geography for new teachers..but a better program enhanced with additional proven lesson plans and activites.