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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Geography Materials--reposting

The new season for GeoAction! and Geography Awareness Week
(Nov 15-21, 2009) is underway! What is GeoAction! and Geography Awareness Week? A brief overview and history can be found at:

Lots of FREE resources ONLINE for teachers from NGS education programs!! Materials include--Back by popular demand--a teacher TOOLKIT, printable BIG MAP of EUROPE, and fabulous EASY TO USE, pre-GIS mapping curriculum and activities for students grades K-12!
To learn more about GeoAction! and how to sponsor a Geography Awareness week at your school see:

Check with your local state Geography Alliance... Alliances should have a GeoAction! /Geography Awareness Week Coordinator or contact person that can also help with program details, inservice/workshop presentations and program materials.

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