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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

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Ah, Spring in the Rockies!...Or at least along the Wastach Front portion of the Rocky Mountains!

Last weekend was lovely, sunny and warm (upper 60's)...the snow had melted so only the Mountain tops were snow covered. Then this week, Winter tried to return!! This picture was of the approaching storm front blowing in across the Salt Lake City toward the Wasatch Mts!! It has been raining, snowing, blowing, and COLD ever since. In fact, yesterday 4/16/09 the snow storm left 10-14" of snow in our surrounding area of Northern Utah County, Utah. The snow had a lot of moisture and most of it melted by last night.....Another storm is blowing in today. Needless to say, the Mountains are covered from top to bottom with snow again. Oh well, the extra "wet" snow will help fill our depleted water reserves!!!!!!!!

This picture just taken...mountains covered from top to bottom...again.
Bring on SPRING!!!!!!!!


  1. The Rockies! Somewhere I want to visit someday :)
    My Skywatch

  2. That's what I said about yesterday's rain storm. It is starting to bring our lake up (right now it is artificially low because of the dam) and I got an energy free watering for my garden. I chose a sunset for my contribution. I invite you to come see it. - Margy

  3. Bring it here, too!

    I LOVE the first photo. The cloud and the mountain together are just spectacular.

  4. Oh how nice to live in the sunny southern end of the state.