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Monday, April 27, 2009

Previous Earth & Sky programs ....shared!!

For many years I used the EARTH & SKY radio show / website to help introduce and teach many science and geography topics to my students. I also used the radio program as a way for students to work on non-fiction comprehension & writing skills. EARTH & SKY used to be a 5 minute radio show on various earth and space topics (usually on a public radio station). I used to record it and have my students listen/write about the topic each day...The students kept a journal of the daily topics. I used the radio programs as the "daily starter" activity every morning. To save the time and hastle of recording each day's radio program, I was able to purchase from Earth & Sky as a yearly subscription (a CD of each month's recordings). I ordered and used several years worth of EARTH & SKY monthly radio programs and needless to say I have quite a collection of CD's. Now the radio programs can be listened to FREE as daily podcasts from the website.

What to do now with all the EARTH & SKY CD's ? I contacted EARTH & SKY to see if I could have permission to use some of the topics from the CD subscriptions on this blogsite. They agreed, and gave me written permission to use them here! Thank You "Deborah Byrd" (of "Block and Byrd") for giving permission to use the past episodes!!
Today's podcast programs:
1-click on the shared links below for podcasts
2-turn down the music on this site to hear the podcasts
Intro + Dinosaur Fossil Site
Intro + Dinosaurs in Alaska

I found several websites about the National Dinosaur Museum including lesson plans that could be used to support the above "podcasts":

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