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Monday, February 2, 2009

Geography Simulations

Are you looking for fun, interactive class simulations to teach your students geography? Check out INTERACT simulations

This company produces fun, challenging, hands-on, interactive group/class simulations for students concerning many subjects including geography &/0r social studies. The simulations include the the activities (w/ teacher lesson plans), scheduling details, student worksheets and background information. I have used several of these simulations over the years, and the students always loved the fun, crazy learning activities provided in the simulations.
My Favorites: Caravans (world geography), Athenian Secret (Ancient Greece+geometry), King Lexicon (Middle ages+dictionary work), Pioneers (stuggles of American pioneers), Greeks (ancient greece history), Dig (archaeology), Fitness (circulatory system and fitness activities), and many others. Some of these simulations require more class time than others, but can be adjusted for shorter time periods. Everytime I used these simulations with my classes, the kids loved the activities and hated to see the simulation end!!!!
(Prices vary, but overall I've found them very resonable for all the materials you get with the teacher/student materials. The materials are reusable, so you may be able to use textbook funds?)
Many of my most wonderful memories from teaching had to do with crazy moments from these INTERACT Simulations!!!

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