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Thursday, January 22, 2009

SkyWatch Friday?

See what others are reporting:
I'm supposed to report interesting skyviews from my little corner of the world. Hum. Not much to report here....Our valleys here in Utah (along the Wasatch Front mountains) have been filled for DAYS and DAYS not with blue skies/sunshine-- but rather dreary, dirty, gloomy, gunky, fridgid, smoggy inversion weather. We have received daily "RED alert" air quality reports prohibiting homeowners from using woodburning stoves (unless only heat source), advising those with respiratory illnesses to stay indoors and encouraging drivers to limit the use of vehicles. Above the inversion layers, the Mountain Top ski resorts and communities are opposite and basking in lovely, clear weather, while in the lower elevation valleys we are stuck in gucky COLD air temps piling hoar frost on everything. We need a good winter storm to "stir the air" --push out this inversion--and bring back some sunshine !!!!


  1. Love that mountain shot. Thats a shame the air quality is so bad. Anyway great picturess this week. Hope you have a great day. =)

  2. It is icky. But it is lovely at my house down south. Hang in there, a storm will sweep it away.

  3. Yup, looks like Utah alright. Fortunately, this too shall pass. The bad thing is that it looks pretty, you just don't want to breathe.