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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Continental Quizzes/Tests

As a sixth grade teacher for many years, I discovered each year that many of my students could not name or locate the continents!! Therefore I always started the year with teaching the basics...shape of the earth/oceans and continents. I used many tools and teacher tricks to teach the continents, but found myself using this quick quiz (MAP READING--THE WORLD, PART 1, Milliken Publishing co.) for review, pretests, tests, etc. No, the continents are not to scale, but kids learn to recognize the shape of the continent as well. (double-click on image to enlarge) There are a zillion little tests and quizzes online now too..I've listed a few that I found. These sites are great geography continent practice resources/review for those sheduled times in the computer labs or if you have a one-computer classroom, --or you could use these sites as homework assignments. Many of these programs could be used for the really young kidlets too!!
(quick, easy loading game to identify continents)
(audible/clickable maps for practice and quizzes)
(clickable map quizzes)
(continental facts quiz)
(printable quizzes)

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