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Friday, December 19, 2008

World Conflicts

There are so many world conflicts(40+?), that it is hard to keep up with the latest information about all of them. I've been looking for reliable, teacher/student websites with background information about all the current conflicts and have found a few that would be helpful teacher resources:

The site is a pay for use site, but has a free trial signup. This
site is the most comprehensive with information about world conflicts! It includes teacher video training, conflict background materials, lesson plans, data sheets,
newsletters, student/parent notes/and much more.
Information about countries, maps, flags, current status of conflicts
Terrific site with interactive maps and slideshows...FREE for Download!!
Example download: Imperial History of the Middle East

Wikipedia has an ongoing list of conflicts with maps, country information, etc.

P.O.V./Promisses from offers a good collection of websites and resources about world conflicts and conflict resolution materials

Global is a website listing current conflicts as well as terrorism threats, WMD's, National Security, travel alerts, etc.

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