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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Geography student literature list ..teacher resource Treasure!!

For many years Pizza Hut has been promoting a reading incentive program called Book It! They used to provide teaching materials along with mini pizzas for student reading rewards. Now the entire program is online @ I kept two of the publications, because the materials and reading suggestions were all about geography: The GEOReader and The GEOReaderII. The publications are out of print, but I contacted Pizza Hut and they gave me permission to copy and share these two publications. From Pizza Hut:"We no longer have these publications available. You are welcome to use and copy the materials as needed. Thanks!"BOOK IT! National Reading Incentive Program PO Box 2999Wichita KS 672011-800-426-6548Fax: 316-685-0977

I've uploaded all 22 pages of GEOReader II (lists of books andactivities about cultures and physical geography). These are excellent suggestions for reading & picture books for teaching geography using literature. Some of the teaching suggestions are a bit out of date..due to NCLB...but great information including the 5 themes of geography background.

(double click on each page to enlarge)

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