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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A good friend of mine, while taking a tour bus to Cape Canaveral took this amazing photo. In her words:
"While we were in Florida, we planned on visiting the Kennedy Space Center and Sea World. We were going to visit Sea World on Thursday and the Space Center on Saturday, but the weather got blustery and rainy so we switched plans. We figured we needed better weather for Sea World. So Thursday, October 23, we drove to Cape Canaveral. We took the bus tour that takes people out to the observation gantry from where you can see the two main launch pads. RIGHT THERE, STOPPED, WAS THE CRAWLER WITH THE SPACE SHUTTLE ENDEAVOUR! The tour guides were all abuzz; they had never been that close either. One guide said they usually closed the gantry when they took the shuttle to a launch pad. I don't know why they didn't or why it was stopped along the way, but it was SO COOL! "
She was right!!! This was cool and I'm glad she shared the photo...!!
Thanks, Captain!!

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