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Friday, October 24, 2008

"Newspaper In Education" geography resource

Howdy All UTAH geography friends...

The Newspaper In Education (NIE) dept. of the Deseret News, will be producing 3 section/editions related to geography. You can order classroom sets of the the Connect 1-2-3 edition (Mapping the Americas) and two C'3 sections from Deseret News....they are FREE!!
****Order FREE sets for your school The Connect 1-2-3 edition (that will include the Mapping the Americas materials), by Oct 30.
****Order the two (Tuesday delivery) Free sets of the C3's geography related editions (for November 11 & 18) by November 4.
To order free NIE materials online go to:
1) > education> NIE site > order online .
2) scroll toward the bottom of the page and find: Order Connect 1-2-3, newspapers for Tuesday delivery > c;ick add to shopping cart > type in amount of newspapers needed.
3) return to Order online page. Scroll back down to and find: Order educational sections, papers for Tuesday delivery > click add to shopping cart > type in amount of newspapers needed.
4) supply school/delivery information and submit.

ALL the geography editions will be delivered to your school free! This is a great free resource for UTAH teachers ...hopefully you can use in your classrooms! Enjoy...just sharing the info...

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