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Thursday, March 4, 2010

SkyWatch Friday: Tree that held up the Moon

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This not a real great photo, but I saw this big full, orange morning moon, and ran to get my camera.

I took several photos and this one was the 'best".
I was looking so much at the moon that I didn't realize how much of the tree was in the way....its funny the tree looks like its "holding" the moon up in its branches--a lunar ornament of sorts.



  1. I love the moon shot. Great photo!!

  2. Great shot. It does look like an ornament.

  3. Great round moon behind the tree that looks a bit mystic when not so sharp

    christina, sweden

  4. I've never seen the moon this big in our skies. It's wonderful! And so are the tree branches against it.

    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Beautiful picture. Nicely done. Hope to see you again soon.