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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Desk-Top Country Geography Project


This is a great end-of-school-year geography/art project! I've used this project for many years and with different ages of students., and it has ALWAYS been a fun, creative, insightful, exciting, culminating (great assessment), and successful geography project. This project can be given as an assignment to individual students or to groups of students. It takes several days to complete...especially when working in groups. The assignment involves locating (according to directions) the map pieces (provided) on a blank sheet of paper and then creating a town/city/state/country "around" the map pieces incorporating physical, man-made, and political features on their "country map".

Each student (or group) needs a large sheet of butcher/roll paper or poster board and copies of the two instruction sheets provided on this blog. (To make copies of the instruction worksheets..right-click on each document and select "print target"). Following directions on "Desk-Top Country" cut out the map pieces on the worksheet and place them on their large sheet of paper according to the directions on the worksheet. As students arrange the map pieces on their papers, check to see that the arrangements are correct..this will save many problems later on in the project.) Once all of the pieces are correctly placed on their instructed on the second sheet...ultimately creating their own town, city, state or country! This is a amazing project, map keys/symbols, landforms, water flow direction, transportation routes, climates, community needs, agriculture..etc., etc.,)

Honestly, I don't know where (or from whom) I originally acquired this project, but I have used it
very successfully for years. It is NOT MY CREATION! So, I humbly and greatfully
give credit to the original author (unknown) of this fabulous project!!!

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  1. Yes, lots of us used it...but we got it from you. It is a fun one.