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Friday, September 5, 2008

Elementary Geography Ideas

  • Start all social studies/history units with a geography lesson (teaching ancient Egypt? Make sure the kids know where Egypt is…compare modern & ancient maps)
  • Use non-fiction geography & social studies reading materials instead of fiction reading materials to teach reading skills + non-fiction reading strategies, etc.
  • Instead of county reports, have the students write reports on the world’s deserts, rivers, grasslands, forests, mountain ranges, etc—use the 5 themes of geography to guide their reports.
  • At the beginning of the year, teach a physical geography lesson so students will learn vocabulary and develop mental images of the earth’s surface.
  • Have students build a geography physical features dictionary including, pictures and locations where each “feature” could be found.
  • Using inexpensive salt dough, have the kids make mini-models of physical features (peninsula, atoll, mesa/butte, etc).
  • Register your school for the National Geographic Bee. Start a class geography club to get ready for your school Bee.
  • Use maps and globes during math to help teach: Circumference, ratio (map scale), degrees.
  • (Mapping the World by Heart program)


  1. All good ideas, as usual. I also know that they are pretty much tried and true, tested by you. Now if more teachers would read your blog......

  2. OHMYGOSH! I just found your blog this morning and recognized the music! Isn't it delightful? I'm a big fan of Gypsy Kings (have been for years)!!! I try to alternate my music about once a week. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! I teach 3rd grade (history/poli sci major), but I don't have a teaching blog, just horses, desertsouthwest, desert gardening, and winefoodandphotos! Come by for a visit! So nice to find another teacher!